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As previously discussed on Aug. 29 ("Worker suffers leg injury in construction site accident,") a construction worker suffered a serious injury after an accident occurred. The man was working on a New York subway system when he was injured by machinery. Now, he is bringing a personal injury suit for the damages he suffered in the construction site accident.

The man was working on the 2nd Avenue section of the subway, and he was 100 feet below the surface at the time of the accident. The man, along with another worker, was pouring concrete by use of a flexible hose. At the time that the original article was written, the report suggested that a piece of machinery fell on the man, causing the injury. However, it appears as if the hose itself caused the injury to his leg.

According to OSHA, there may have been a workplace safety violation concerning that specific type of hose. That particular hose should not have been fitted to the specific type of pipe. However, it is not clear whether that is the organization's formal judgment. The particular project that the man was working on has reportedly been issued 18 safety violations within a year.

The man is filing a civil suit against the City of New York as well as the Metropolitan Transit Authority, claiming that he was forced to work in an unsafe environment. He is seeking $55 million in damages. The injury that he received to his leg in the construction site accident will likely affect many areas of his life. If the suit is successful, any monetary compensation received can be used as reimbursement for damages such as continued medical care, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Source:, "Construction worker hurt on 2nd Ave. subway project to file $55 million lawsuit", N.J. Burkett, Sept. 17, 2014