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After an extremely bizarre accident in which a child suffered from serious injuries, the boy's family is filing a civil suit. The boy's parents claim that, during a bonfire, the boy's Nike shorts -- which were a specific brand sold in New York as well as in the rest of the country -- spontaneously caught on fire despite his distance from the flames. The parents are seeking damages for product liability as well as negligence.

On May 5, the child, his twin brother and their friends all went to a bonfire at an undisclosed location. His parents said that he was wearing various Nike clothing items when he left the house, including their Dri-Fit brand shorts. The shorts are made from polyester microfibers designed to absorb sweat quickly from the body. The shorts do not contain a label warning that the fibers are highly flammable.

At the bonfire, the son was reportedly the farthest child away from the bonfire when suddenly the shorts spontaneously caught fire. The fabric melted onto his skin, causing serious burns. The child attempted to drop to the ground and roll to put out the flames, but it was no use. Eventually, his friends helped pull the shorts off of him, but the boy had suffered second-degree burns to more than 17 percent of his body.

It is nearly impossible to prepare for such a bizarre accident, particularly when the shorts contained no warning label. If the parents' civil suit for product liability as well as negligence is successful, they may be able to receive monetary reimbursement for medical costs incurred due to the accident. The family may also be entitled to receive additional damages. If a family in New York has had to suffer from a similar accident, they may also be entitled to a civil suit.

Source:, "Child Burned When Nike Shorts Catch Fire", David Lee, Sept. 9, 2014