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A fatal car accident in the Ray Brook area of New York has claimed the life of two innocent people. The driver who allegedly caused the accident is currently in police custody and faces several charges from the incident. According to those who saw the vehicle before the car accident, the man was driving recklessly and showed a wanton disregard for the safety of others.

Before the accident, the driver was apparently transporting three underage children in his car. Officials say that he dropped them off and continued to drive, traveling at high speeds and driving erratically. It is said that he traveled in the wrong lane, almost hitting a police car along New York Route 86. In the moments leading up to the accident, Ray Brook police officers were pursuing the vehicle.

The actual crash reportedly occurred as the driver was moving at a very high rate of speed when he crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic. He then struck a smaller vehicle with a mother, father and daughter inside. The mother and the father were killed and the daughter is gravely injured. It is noted that the driver has a history of car accidents, but it is not immediately clear if police suspect drugs or alcohol as a contributing factor.

It is possible that family members, on behalf of the surviving daughter, could file a wrongful death or personal injury claim against the driver. Because of his actions, the family has endured pain and emotional suffering from the accident, in addition to financial hardship. A civil claim is a way for the family to pursue a financial settlement to recoup monetary losses sustained from a tragic car accident.

Source:, "New details released on fatal crash in Ray Brook", Jeremy Mathsen, July 25, 2014