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A 20-year-old was recently arrested after being involved in a serious car accident. The New York authorities stated that the man was "extremely reckless" in the way that he was driving. Two people lost their lives in the fatal accident, and a child was seriously injured.

According to the preliminary investigation, the man originally had three minors in his pickup truck when he began driving recklessly. He purportedly dropped the children off at a fast food restaurant, and he then continued driving carelessly away from the restaurant and away from town. At one point, he was allegedly driving on the wrong side of the road, and a police vehicle was forced to leave the road in order to avoid an accident.

Some time later, police officers spotted the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and initiated a chase to try to pull the driver over. Once again, the truck purportedly entered the wrong side of the road, and it collided head first into another car. The driver of the second car lost his life at the scene, and the front seat passenger died from her injuries at an area hospital. The 11-year-old back seat passenger, the daughter of the two victims who lost their lives, was seriously injured in the crash.

The New York man faces criminal charges, including DWI for drugs, speeding and reckless driving. Additionally, he may face more charges as the investigation into the fatal accident continues. Even though the man faces criminal charges, he could also face a civil suit as well. Not only can the couple's families bring wrongful death suits against the driver, but also the families may elect to file a personal injury claim on behalf of the 11-year-old in an effort to receive monetary retribution for her physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Source:, "New details released on fatal crash in Ray Brook", Jeremy Mathsen, July 25, 2014