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Facing the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences that people have to face. Losing a loved one because a physician or other medical professional failed to adequately carry out his or her duties is something that no one should have to go through.

Even with the constantly advancing state of modern medicine, errors still occur. When doctors and other medical professionals provide care that deviates from accepted standards and that mistake costs a loved one's life, you need a strong and experienced advocate who can guide you as you pursue justice and compensation.

Numerous factors can contribute to the death of a loved one as the result of medical malpractice, including:

At Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP, our lawyers understand the impact that losing a loved one to medical malpractice can have. It is important to be able to find out the truth and to hold accountable those who are responsible for your loss.

Often doctors and hospitals are reluctant to be forthcoming with facts that will implicate them in the death. We understand that you may only have a suspicion that the level of care your loved one received was substandard. We are skilled at conducting thorough investigations that can bring the truth to light.

If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional, know that insurance companies are very likely to undervalue your case. In order to recover the compensation you need and deserve, turn to the experienced Albany medical malpractice lawyers of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 518-480-2151 or simply contact us online.

We accept cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only collect attorney's fees if we recover damages for you.