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When many people think about medical malpractice, they picture deliberately reckless or negligent behavior. Malpractice can take many forms, including missed or delayed diagnoses, defective medical devices such as hip replacements and other implants, surgical errors, and more. Victims of medical malpractice can be left with debilitating personal injuries requiring costly and painful treatment to correct. In the worst cases, medical malpractice leads to permanent disability or even wrongful death. If you or a loved one has suffered medical malpractice, it is crucial that you obtain legal counsel from an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can help you pursue the compensation you need to cover the resulting medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Since 1950, the medical malpractice attorneys of Friedman Hirschen & Miller have represented clients in Watertown and other communities throughout Upstate New York. When you retain the services of our helpful personal injury lawyers, you can rest assured knowing that you have an advocate in your corner who is dedicated to making things right. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you may no attorney’s fees unless we are able to recover damages for you. We offer free initial consultations and flexible appointment schedules, so you have nothing to lose by speaking to one of our knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys about your options.

Medical Malpractice in Watertown, New York

Sometimes, the effects of medical malpractice cannot be reversed, permanently diminishing your quality of life and your ability to make a living. In addition to the costs of requisite medical care to mitigate the damage done, lost wages, whether short term or permanent, can create significant financial hardship for medical malpractice victims. The compensation you receive needs to reflect the complete toll your injuries have taken on your quality of life and your finances, but it can be difficult to negotiate fair compensation from the insurance companies.

At Friedman Hirschen & Miller, our medical malpractice lawyers work with doctors and care planners in the Watertown area to determine the extent of your injuries and their long-term effects, and fight to hold insurance companies accountable.

Early Settlement Offers

Following a medical malpractice claim, many insurance companies may pressure you into accepting an early settlement offer in the hopes that by doing so, you will agree to receive far less than what you could potentially receive with counsel from a skilled medical malpractice lawyer. By accepting an early settlement offer, you may also be waiving your right to pursue further compensation in the future.

Early settlement offers from insurance companies usually represent the bare minimum of what the insurance company may be liable to pay, and they seldom take into account the long-term costs that will arise as a result of your injuries. If you are left with long-term or permanent disability as a result of medical malpractice, your compensation needs to reflect the wages you could have earned had you not been harmed as well as the irreversible effects on your quality of life.

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