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The frontal lobe sits in the front of the brain. As such, it is susceptible to injury in auto accidents, when collisions propel drivers and passengers forward. Frontal lobe brain injuries are also comparatively common in accidents involving falls, fallen objects and construction sites.

The frontal lobe provides higher-level thinking capabilities and is therefore essential to personality and to people's ability to plan, speak, process information and coordinate movement. Frontal lobe injuries, then, can prevent sufferers from performing tasks as simple as mailing a letter and washing dishes. Victims of frontal lobe injuries commonly see changes to their work life, relationships and other essential areas of life.

If you need legal help or have questions following a frontal lobe brain injury, contact the law firm of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP. We have handled dozens of brain injury cases since the founding of our firm over 60 years ago.

For experienced and knowledgeable legal help in New York state following a frontal lobe injury, contact the established personal injury law firm of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP. Call 518-480-2151.

A key to successfully obtaining compensation for brain injury victims is to clearly demonstrate conditions for victims before and after their injuries.

We work with medical experts and certified life care planners, and we evaluate school records, work records, and other information to obtain and present conclusive evidence of injuries to negotiators and juries.

A common challenge is the charge of "fake" symptoms and malingering accident victims, i.e. victims who knowingly exaggerate the extent of injuries. Our thorough preparation and presentation of brain injury cases has resulted in numerous high-value awards. For more information, please contact our office to schedule a no-charge consultation.

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