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Damages Claims for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Too often motorists forget that pedestrians and bike riders have just as much right to the public roads as drivers do. If you or a family member has been struck by a car while walking or biking, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP in Albany, New York.

As a law firm with a focus on personal injury and wrongful death litigation, our attorneys are skilled with the investigation and proof of liability, damages, and insurance coverage issues in motor vehicle accidents of all kinds. We represent pedestrian and bicycle injury victims whose accidents occurred in town, on rural roads and highways, or even in parking lots.

Just as in other car and motorcycle accident cases, the defendant driver can be expected to argue that the victim was largely responsible for his or her own injuries through a comparative negligence defense. We'll be prepared to follow the facts of the case wherever they lead to protect the value of your eventual settlement or jury verdict.

Careful attention to damages can be the key to a successful outcome

Given the heavy mismatch between any motor vehicle and a pedestrian or bike rider, proving liability against the driver is usually the easier part of an accident claim. To make sure that you are fully compensated for your injuries, however, we devote close attention to the damages side of the case from the earliest stages.

We work with your treating physicians and any specialists to whom you're referred to make sure that your diagnosis and prognosis are accurate, fully documented and consistent with your visible symptoms. For soft tissue injuries and other medical conditions that can be open to question, we can help you get access to the advanced testing and diagnostics that might be necessary to identify your condition, but that your health care insurance provider might resist.

In the most serious injury cases, we work with economists, life care planning professionals and vocational rehabilitation experts to develop the most accurate projection possible for our client's future needs and expenses following a severe brain or spinal injury.

For each of our clients, our close attention to the problems of proof in specific damages claims may not only make the difference at trial, it can also promote a settlement on fair terms by demonstrating the strength of your case.

To learn more about our ability to protect and advance your interests in a pedestrian or bicycle accident case, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP in Albany, New York.