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There is an expectation that when you are walking down the sidewalk or through a building that the pathway will be reasonably maintained. At times, however, sidewalks become defective and uneven pathways make for dangerous conditions.

At Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP, our attorneys concentrate on handling personal injury, premises liability and medical malpractice cases. With vast experience in our focus, we have obtained a reputation for providing sound legal advice and representation throughout the community. Established in 1950, our upstate New York law firm provides the kind of personal service and experienced representation you need to address your premises liability case.

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Types of Uneven Surfaces

Accidents occur because of uneven surfaces in many situations:

  • Defective sidewalks warped because of a harsh winter
  • Defective sidewalks caused by extreme heat
  • Defective sidewalks because of growth of tree roots underneath
  • Uneven curbs
  • Lack of differentiation between height levels (nothing to visually set off one step from another)
  • Surfaces with deceptive color schemes

Our Approach to Your Legal Matter

Whatever injury you sustained, be it a fracture or a severe brain or spinal injury, our attorneys will do everything within the confines of the law to find a resolution for your situation. After obtaining an understanding of the accident scene, we will visit the scene to investigate the accident by photographing and measuring the uneven surfaces. Our attorneys have handled the full range of premises liability cases and know how to efficiently and effectively proceed in these cases.

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We accept cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we collect an attorney's fee only if we recover damages for you. We also offer free consultations, so there is nothing to lose by talking with an experienced lawyer about your accident. There is a lot to lose by doing nothing.

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