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Dangerous premises accidents include accidents caused by poorly maintained parking lots, potholes, fallen ceilings, poorly lit parking ramps and more. Hidden defects are a subcategory of premises liability in which individuals can cause serious and severe accidents because these concealed traps may mask some dangerous areas.

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Hidden Defects and Concealed Traps

In one of the cases our law firm handled, an individual at a fair walked right into a concealed trap. There was a hole in the ground and grass had grown up around it, concealing it. Because the hole was not open and obvious, it was considered a hidden defect.

To hold someone accountable for a hidden defect or concealed trap, you must identify the party responsible for the land. The individual must be on actual or constructive notice about the defect. That means that the owner can be held liable if he or she was aware or should have been aware of the trap and did nothing to prevent individuals from the potential harm it could cause.

Seeking Compensation for Our Clients

In all of our cases, we fight for compensation for our clients. In all of our cases, we examine:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Economic loss
  • Inability to work
  • Permanent medical conditions
  • Future medical needs
  • Equipment needs

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