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Our Attorneys Can Help With Spinal Injury Cases

In the most serious personal injury accident cases, such as those resulting in permanent disability or uncertain prospects for recovery, you should turn to a lawyer whose skill with complex damages claims can protect you from inadequate settlement offers while solving difficult problems of proof. Contact an attorney at the law firm of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP for a free consultation about your options.

Careful proof of damages is critical to a successful resolution of your claim

Damages claims related to paralysis due to spinal cord damage can be a great deal more complicated than you might suppose. While there is no question that the accident victim is severely injured, there is often considerable debate as to such matters as:

  • Extent of the injury
  • Prognosis for a full or partial recovery
  • Need for future surgery or therapy
  • Future ability to work
  • Need for in-home assistance or adaptive technology
  • Psychological effects of the injury or disability

It can be tempting to accept an early six or even seven-figure settlement offer in the most serious  spinal cord injury cases, but further investigation usually reveals that even very significant offers will fall far short of what you'll actually need to complete the transition to life after a catastrophic injury.

Our experience with experts can help you recover the amount you need

Proof of detailed damages in the most serious injury cases generally depends on your attorney's working relationships with highly qualified and conscientious professionals. We depend on outstanding experts from many fields — neuropsychology, physiatry, occupational and rehabilitative therapy, speech therapy, and life care planning — to document and describe your conditions in clear terms and to make accurate projections of what you'll need to assure your physical comfort and financial security to the greatest extent possible.

Our attention to damages in spinal cord injury cases can also help you recover for subtle or disputed elements of your physical losses. Chronic pain, headaches, cognitive deficit, post-concussion syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, reflex sympathy dystrophy, complex regional pain syndrome, and are usually sharply disputed by the defense. Our experience with the proof of these aspects of your claim can make the difference in your personal injury claim.

For a free consultation about our ability to handle serious injury claims in the aftermath of severe motor vehicle accidents and other negligence cases, contact an experienced trial lawyer at Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP in Albany.