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Fractures and broken bones can result from a variety of different accidents, including car, truck and automobile accidents, construction accidents and many others. Broken bones also can accompany other injuries, such as torn ligaments. For victims, they can result in severe and chronic pain and require immediate medical treatment.

Whether the fracture occurs to the arm, leg, wrist, hand, foot, rib, collar bone or other part of the body, it is important for victims to know their rights and to pursue the compensation necessary to pay for medical bills and other expenses. At the law firm of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP, in Albany, New York, our lawyers provide experienced personal injury representation. We will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation necessary for your recovery process.

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Types of Fractures

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over six million people visit a doctor or orthopedist to treat a broken bone each year. Fractures are divided into five different types, which include:

  • Simple fractures, where a bone is broken in one place, but the skin is not damaged
  • Compound fractures, where the skin is broken by the bone
  • Transverse fracture, where the bone is broken at a right angle to the length of the bone
  • Comminuted fracture, where the broken bone results in three or more bone fragments
  • Greenstick fracture, where one side of the bone is broken, causing a bend in the bone

Broken bones can take a lengthy amount of time to heal, depending on the severity of the break. Many fractures require surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation to allow the bones to heal completely. These expenses will add to the already-high cost of medical treatment.

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When you are involved in an accident that results in a broken bone, you need immediate treatment for your injuries. After that, you need experienced legal representation to help you get the compensation that you need for your medical expenses and lost wages.

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