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In surgery, lost time equals lost muscle and lost brain function. Severed nerves mean lost motor skills. And damaged spinal cords and internal organs can lead to loss of mobility and even loss of life.

Surgical errors can result from a vast array of errors. Hundreds of tasks must be performed correctly, and, even when they are performed correctly, preventable injuries may occur if they are not performed in a timely fashion.

The Albany attorneys of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP, have practiced surgical error law for a combined 75 years. We are familiar with the numerous errors surgeons and medical staff can make, and we work with medical experts to document clients' full injuries and prove that errors occurred.

Recent Cases Illustrate Our Effectiveness in Handling Surgical Error Cases.

Our client's arm was injured and she needed surgery. While performing the surgery, surgeons severed a nerve, which led to serious medical problems including amputation.

Opposing counsel refused to make a reasonable settlement offer, convinced that they would win in court based on the argument that, since the patient's nerve was already injured, the arm was "destined" for amputation anyway.

In this case, the selection of medical experts was key. We worked with our experts to convince the jury that the medical complications could have been avoided had the surgeons used better medical judgment. We obtained a 3.5 million jury verdict for our client.

In another surgical error case our client suffered left arm paresis, numbness of the face, chest, abdomen and arm when a doctor punctured his spinal cord during surgery. We settled the case in mediation for $3.5 million.

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