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Cancer is a dangerous foe. Our primary weapon against it is early detection and early treatment. When doctors fail to provide effective medical treatment, leading to months or years of delay in treatment, patients need and deserve compensation for their loss and medical expenses.

The lawyers of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP, have fought for the rights of medical malpractice victims and their families for a combined 75 years. We work with medical experts, whose testimony is crucial in proving that medical negligence occurred and that it had an adverse effect on the patient's health.

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An Ongoing Case Illustrates the Challenges of Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer Cases and Our Skills in Resolving Them

Our client visited her doctor in May of 2009 with complaints of pain. Upon ordering and reviewing a chest X-ray, her doctor declared her free of cancer. No treatment was prescribed.

In June of 2010 our client sought additional medical care and was diagnosed with lung cancer. A review of the previous X-ray, then over a year old, revealed an easily identifiable lung tumor.

We must now conclusively demonstrate that our client's prognosis was seriously worsened by the delayed diagnosis. We are currently working with medical experts and treating physicians to strength the case for negotiations and/or trial and to recover compensation for our client.

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Our attorneys have an average of 25 years of legal experience, and our track record includes dozens of resolutions exceeding $1 million. Also, our firm has achieved an AV-rating by Martindale Hubbell, the premier peer-rated legal review system. For more information regarding medical malpractice and our firm, and to schedule a no-charge consultation, please contact our firm.

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