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Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Helping Car Accident Victims

Speed and Patience Are Equally Important for Winning Recoveries in TBI Cases

When a motor vehicle accident happens, a number of people are on the scene right away. The police, EMTs and witnesses are there as well as the injured parties. Each of them has a story to tell. The other story is told by evidence such as skid marks, position of the vehicles and even the weather at the time of the crash.

At Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP, the quicker we are called into action, the more our traumatic brain injury lawyers can help. We document the scene, interview witnesses and collect evidence that can be used later to prove who was at fault. In some cases, the individuals or companies at fault are not on the scene but could include a defective braking system, improperly timed traffic lights or the bartender who served the drunk driver his or her last three drinks.

Patience is important in traumatic brain injury litigation because the effects upon the brain often take time to develop. At our law firm, our attorneys have obtained verdicts and settlements worth millions. We understand how the brain works, know how to conduct a comprehensive assessment and possess the persistence, skill and strategies that are successful in traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases.

In a car accident, there are three types of head injuries that can lead to brain damage:

  • Open head injury with obvious physical trauma
  • Crush injury
  • Coup contrecoup injury (acceleration and deceleration injury)

A coup contrecoup injury can be invisible to the human eye. In a sudden stop, even with an air bag, the brain will rush to one end (the coup of the injury) to slam against the wall of the skull and then ricochet to the other side (the contrecoup). Think of it as whiplash of the brain. Shaken baby syndrome is a coup contrecoup type of injury, which can have a significant impact on a young and developing brain.

It is the coup contrecoup injury for which the insurance companies often deny recovery or damages because there may be an accompanying MRI that does not show brain damage. And yet the damage has been done. Our law firm represents those with TBI suffered due to auto accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck accidents, vehicle rollovers as well as accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, commercial vehicles or public mass transit.

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