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The Younger the Victim, the Greater the Impact

At Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP, we have seen that when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the effects will vary depending on the area of the brain that was injured, and also on the age of the brain injury victim. The younger the victim, the greater the impact on the brain. The reason is simple — a young brain is not finished developing. Throughout childhood and the teenage years, the brain is developing its segments and is in the process of creating connection pathways.

The impact can be tremendous. Imagine that the consequences of a brain injury will last for the next 60 or 70 years. Education, income and the ability to function in society can be severely impacted. These are some of the reasons why a TBI in a young person is so severe. OurNew York brain injury attorneys know how to conduct a comprehensive assessment for young people with brain injuries. We know how to win these lawsuits.

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Proving Pre-Accident Functioning for Adults With TBI

The challenge with a brain injury for an older and well-functioning adult is to prove the level of functioning prior to the accident. As a law firm that focuses on personal injuries and brain injuries, we have the experts and the testing that can determine the pre-accident level of functioning for you or your loved one.

Determining the pre-accident functioning of the brain and the current level of functioning is how we determine what therapies are needed, what the rehabilitation or medical costs might be and what damages could be for any loss of functioning. Some of the consequences for an adult with brain damage include:

  • The ability to be employed (especially costly for skilled tradespeople, professionals or executives)
  • Loss of memory (either short term or long term)
  • Inability to accomplish tasks once accomplished easily (read a map, write a letter, hum a tune)
  • Loss of judgment and reasoning
  • Change in personality (aggressive, agitated or unemotional)

Any of these changes can be temporary or permanent. At our law firm, our lawyers can demonstrate the difference between the old and new 'you' and will work to win compensation for the loss of your old life, and cost of your new life going forward.

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