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Have you been hurt or has a family member been fatally injured while working at a construction site in the Binghamton/New York area? Workers in this dangerous occupation are subject to many types of potentially serious injuries that can result from slips or falls, being struck by or caught in heavy machinery, trench accidents, electrocution, equipment failure and other hazardous situations.

If you or a family member in the Binghamton/New York area have been harmed or injured, or if a death has occurred as a result of an accident that was due to negligence, unsafe or dangerous conditions, equipment failure or workplace violations, your employer may be held liable and you have the right to pursue financial compensation.

Let the legal firm of Friedman, Hirschen & Miller, LLP provide you with an experienced, skilled, competent attorney who will guide you through the legal process of protecting your rights and seeking compensation that may be rightfully yours.

Injuries Handled by Our Law Firm

New York State has created strict laws to ensure that employers are responsible for supervising and providing a safe workplace environment for construction site laborers, foremen, contractors and subcontractors, apprentices, journeymen and others. We handle all types of construction-related injury and wrongful death cases, including those from scaffolding, ladder and crane accidents, forklift malfunctions, falling debris, equipment failure, unsafe products, explosions or electrocution, inadequate signage, operator error, code violation and more. Our New York law firm has been successfully defending the rights of injured construction workers for decades. Find out what we can do for you.

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Your initial consultation is free of charge to talk with an attorney about your construction site injury. We will determine if we can build a case for you by carefully reviewing and investigating the circumstances and aggressively seeking the financial compensation you deserve. Our cases are accepted on a contingency basis, so we only collect an attorney's fee if we successfully recover damages for you. For more information and to schedule your no-charge consultation, please contact us in the Binghamton area at 518-480-2151.