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Rollover accidents are not as common as other forms of accidents, but when they happen, they can result in severe and fatal injuries for their passengers. According to the Federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollover accidents only account for three percent of accidents involving passenger vehicles, but account for nearly one third of all occupant fatalities.

Certain types of vehicles are more susceptible to rollover accidents than others, including SUVs, pick up trucks and other vehicles with high centers of gravity. While road conditions and driving patterns certainly can play a role, design and manufacturing defects and insufficient security features account for many of the rollover accidents on New York streets and highways.

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SUV Rollover Accidents

All vehicles are susceptible to rollovers, but generally, the higher the center of gravity and the fast the vehicle is moving, the more likely it is to roll over. SUVs, in particular, have higher centers of gravity than most vehicles and have much higher instances of rollover accidents than the average vehicle.

SUVs have a short wheel base. This makes the vehicles top heavy. Any kind of quick turn or swerve can cause an SUV to roll over. Many rollover accidents in SUVs have occurred because the driver attempted to maneuver to avoid debris or another vehicle in the road. During a rollover, passengers in sport utility vehicles are at great risk due to the collapse of the roof, which can cause serious head, neck and bodily injuries.

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